Technology Research and Development


embedded C, C++, Python, Javascript, Golang, and Rust.


power electronics, embedded systems, sensors, and avionics.

System modelling and control

orbital mechanics, aerodynamics, thermal, electronic, and mechanical systems.



Leetware is a technology consulting company which tackles cutting edge technical challenges.

Capitalising on New Zealand’s (beautiful) culture of creative thinking and getting things done, Leetware is fast building a reputation for next-level development with a core focus on design quality and productivity.

Design approaches

Guided by Agile and software productivity research

We focus on reducing defects and saving time by leveraging popular style guidelines, linting, test driven development, and CI/CD.

Battle-tested industry experience

We work on New Zealand’s most demanding and exciting technology projects and offer services throughout the entire design lifecycle - from prototype to deployment/manufacturing.

We do hard math

Balancing research and development, Leetware leverages simulation and control theory to develop products faster and better.